Your dollar will go further at these global destinations this year

With countless numbers of US travellers planning trips abroad for the remainder of 2018, it’s always helpful to know just where you can get the biggest bang for your buck. With that in mind, a new study has been released that outlines the best global destinations where the dollar will stretch that bit further, making it easier than ever to get a good deal on a new adventure.

US Passport, wallet dollars and sunglassesThe study revealed ten destinations around the world where the dollar stretches further. Image by JGI/Jamie Grill

Released by RewardExpert, the study looked at current exchange rates in 20 countries around the world, comparing them with those from summer 2017 to determine in which countries the dollar has become more valuable. The prices of local goods and services in each destination were also included to show which places are most affordable. Topping the list was Turkey, with the data showing that the dollar is worth 28% more against the Lira. While travel is still not recommended to regions in the south of the country near the Syrian border, visitors to other areas such as Istanbul and Cappadocia (famed for its hot air balloon rides) will find experiences more affordable than before. With recent research showing that Turkey is back on the map for family holidays, travellers will also find that they have to spend less on the price of flights home.

Hot air ballons over Love Valley near Goreme and Nevsehir in the center of Cappadocia, Turkey (region of Anatolia). This shot taken shortly after sunrise.Turkey took the top spot in the list. Image by aprott/Getty Images

Next on the list was Mexico, and for US travellers thinking of heading south of the border, this summer would be a good time to do it. In the past year, the dollar has increased in value by 7.15% against the Mexican peso, making the prices of meals, and day trips to the likes of the stunning Mayan temples of Palenque all the more budget-friendly.

Fragment of ruins, Archaeological site in Palenque, MexicoThe site of Palenque in Mexico. Image by bohemia8/Getty Images

The central Asian nation of Kazakhstan might fly a bit under the radar as a vacation destination for some, but it’s a diverse and compelling choice for US travellers wishing to venture off-the-beaten track this summer. This year saw the US dollar shooting up in value against the Kazakhstani tenge, leading to the country taking the third position on the list. The top ten was rounded off with Nepal, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Trinidad and Tobago.

RewardExpert also offered some practical advice on other steps travellers can take to save money. “Booking your ticket at the right time can reduce fare prices, while taking advantage of credit card points and airline miles is a tried and true method. Looking into budget options always helps, however, one thing that is sometimes forgotten is considering when to travel. If you’ve had your heart set on one destination, take into consideration the trends of the currency in that place,” co-founder Vlad Tyschuk told Lonely Planet Travel News.

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