This is the trait we want in travel companions, according to a new survey

When searching for a travel buddy, you may want to find someone who is experienced, laid-back, or even the life of the party. But one trait wins out above the rest: curiosity.

A man explores the forest of Caldeira Velha in the Azores. Image by Westend61/Getty Images

That’s the finding in a new survey by Curio Collection by Hilton, which looked at the connection between curiosity and travel. That travellers are curious by nature will not come as much of a surprise for anyone who finds themselves going through extreme bouts of wanderlust and a desire to pack up and see a new part of the world. In fact, 91% of people surveyed consider themselves curious and 73% said that the top way they channel their curiosity is through travel.

Most people see travel as an outlet for their curiosity, with more than 90% saying they take trips to learn something new and 79% considering learning something new on vacation a priority. Of course, there are plenty of people looking for a relaxing beach vacation, but 55% of people said that they want to use their holidays to explore and not to relax.

Exploring the cityscape of Hong Kong at night. Image by d3sign/Getty Images

It also seems that no matter how curious we think we are, there is room to grow. The report says that 60% of people think they are more curious than other people, but 53% still want to be more open to new experiences. We also look for a fellow explorer when planning a trip, as 64% say that their perfect travel companion is someone who is curious. Generally, travellers surveyed prefer to have a pal around, as 65% said a spouse or significant other is the best travel partner for new experiences, while only 25% would prefer to travel alone.

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