The most expensive hotel suites around the world for 2018

From bulletproof glass, Picasso paintings and private beaches, the most opulent hotel rooms around the world offer some pretty incredible amenities – but all those luxuries can set you back as much as US$80,000 (€68,290) a night.

Royal Penthouse Suite, President Wilson Hotel, Geneva. Image by Elite Traveler

Elite Traveler, a private jet lifestyle magazine, has once again released its list of the top 100 suites for 2018, which features the sort of places that attract the rich and famous like George and Amal Clooney or Mariah Carey. The list also includes the top 10 most expensive hotel suites in the world and one look might have you wondering the best way to save up and book a truly epic stay.

Grand Riad, Hotel Mansour, Marrakech. Image by Elite Traveler

If you’re wondering just what some of the most opulent hotel rooms are like, the Royal Penthouse Suite at Hotel President Wilson in Geneva, Switzerland has floor-to-ceiling windows with a view of Mont Blanc, as well as features like a panic button and bulletproof glass – surely one reasons why it attracts heads of state as guests. It’s also the most expensive in the world at about US$80,000 (€68,290) a night.

Hilltop Villa, Laucala Island, Fiji. Image by Elite Traveler

The top 10 most expensive suites in the world are:

  1. Royal Penthouse Suite, President Wilson Hotel, Geneva – US$80,000 (€68,290)
  2. Five-bedroom Terrace Suite, The Mark, New York – US$75,000 (€64,021)
  3. Penthouse Suite, Grand Hyatt Cannes, Martinez – US$53,200 (€45,412)
  4. Penthouse, Faena Hotel, Miami – US$50,000 (€42,681)
  5. Hilltop Villa, Laucala Island, Fiji – US$45,000 (€38,413)
  6. Grand Riad, Hotel Mansour, Marrakech – US$43,480 (€37,115)
  7. Penthouse Suite, Hotel Cala Di Volpe, Sardinia – US$41,177 (€35,149)
  8. Royal Suite, The Plaza, USA – US$40,000 (€34,145)
  9. Princess Grace Suite, Hotel De Paris, Monaco – US$37,000 (€31,584)
  10. Suite 5000, Mandarin Oriental New York, New York – US$36,000 (€30,730)
Royal Suite, The Plaza, USA. Image by Elite Traveler

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